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About Us
Social Service Development Organization NGO is a non profit organization working since 2015.

Founded in 2015, Social Service Development Organization is a prominent Indian development organization that positively impacts the lives of over 12 lakh children and their families annually. Our extensive reach extends to more than 3,000 remote villages and urban slums across 18 states of India, encompassing over 500 projects in the domains of education, healthcare, job placement/employment, birds welfare, and women empowerment.

Addressing Fundamental Needs: Social services play a crucial role in fulfilling the essential requirements of community members, encompassing provisions such as food, shelter, healthcare, and education. This comprehensive assistance not only mitigates poverty but also enhances health outcomes and broadens educational opportunities, particularly for those facing challenges in accessing these vital resources.

These reflections were spurred by the liberalization of the Indian economy in the 1990s, ushering in substantial opportunities. The economic revitalization transformed India into not just a market but also an attractive investment destination for the developed world. This era witnessed the realization of disposable incomes and early settlements as tangible realities for the working middle-class. Professionals, for the first time in India, could transcend mere livelihood pursuits and actively contribute to society.

The aim is to provide tangible support, both physical and material, aiding in social adjustment and addressing psychological challenges. By creating ample opportunities for individuals in distress to elevate their standard of living, these initiatives aim to proactively prevent problems from encroaching upon their lives.